With the multitude of news and social media outlets reporting on COVID-19 there is little value in this site adding to it.

Far better that we focus on guidance for our volunteers and signposting services. If you are being asked questions that you do not have the answer for email us and we will respond directly to you; where appropriate we will add a link or post the information to this page.


Please take note of this section.

  • You are not immune to COVID-19!
  • You should practice and be seen to adhere to proscribed hygiene guidance.
  • When undertaking tasks such as shopping or collecting prescriptions for the vulnerable or isolating members of your community you MUST maintain SOCIAL DISTANCING.
  • You are reminded that wearing CRNS Hi Vis and displaying your Photo ID is mandatory; as is working in pairs.

Visibility & Identification

Wearing your Hi Vis and displaying your ID is important. We have provided information to the Police to ensure that you are recognised as genuine and registered volunteers; you will have displayed the same flyer in your community and local shops / supermarkets for the same reason.

There are additional advantages.

  • Your visible presence provides comfort and reassurance in your community.
  • Members of your community, recognising the CRNS logo, may identify people in need to you.
  • It promotes CRNS and may encourage others to join us.


Here you will find links to a range of resources for those seeking further information or to access services and support. We will update with new resources as soon as we become aware of them – check back regularly.

A new link has been provided to the UK Government Recovery Strategy.  I recommend that you pay close attention to newscasts for subsequent review and messages of clarity!

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Our Volunteers

Community Resilience North Somerset Volunteers are proactively supporting those in need. They are easily recognisable:

If you would like to help, to support members of your community, please visit our Volunteering page – you would be most welcome.

If you would like to support us financially, and any sum would be most welcome, please visit our Donations page. Alternatively, you may wish to offer support in other ways; such as resources – please contact us initially via email.

Quote of the Day

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