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Community Resilience North Somerset…

Is a ground-breaking approach to the challenge set by the national framework document; it recognised that building resilience within communities “…in a way that complements the response of the emergency services” would require structure and a singular authority wide approach.

How and why?

Understanding the ‘how’ requires more space than is available here but our Volunteer Passport will answer all your questions. Why community resilience is important is easily answered – communities that have spent time planning and preparing are best placed to respond to and recover more quickly from local or wider emergencies.

Innovation and beyond!

Initiated by North Somerset Council the programme engaged communities, partner organisations and the Council’s corporate insurers from the outset. The ‘top down’ delivery during the first few years of the programme evolving into a community owned, community led asset. In April 2015 Community Resilience North Somerset became a Community Interest Company (CIC); Board Members and a Strategic Steering Group leading the transition.

Engagement with professional partners and our singular, structured, approach has ensured complete ‘buy in’ and a sense of confidence in the programme. The Council’s corporate insurers, assured by the governance structures and policies drawn up, agreed to provide Public Liability and Personal Injury cover for volunteers at no additional cost – it was a WIN, WIN for all parties.

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Take a look at our videos, read the Volunteer Passport, explore the website and then find out how you too can become a Community Resilience North Somerset volunteer.

Community Resilience North Somerset

Community Resilience North Somerset