‘Brand awareness’, ‘consumer preference and ‘brand loyalty’  all very clear objectives when a company considers sponsoring ‘not for profit’ organisations such as ours.  So how do we market ourselves, to stand out from the crowd, and win your approval?

When we set the purpose (objectives) of CRNS, we understood that ‘Community Resilience’ was more than the individual, the town or village, it was also that intrinsic link between employer/employee/consumer that defines modern society.   The Business Continuity Institute recognise this also…“It is a characteristic of modern mature professions that they clearly articulate the societal benefit that their profession provides.  The BCI has done this with their vision of creating a world where all organisations, communities and societies become more resilient”.

Flood, severe weather, prolonged power outage or pandemic are example events that disrupt this link and expose vulnerabilities; particularly where preparation is wanting or there is an over depedendence on the traditional response mechanisms now significantly curtailed.

CRNS volunteers are trained and resourced to support the emergency services, local authority and their community in emergencies.   CRNS volunteers understand the importance of local business to the resilience of commmunities.   Hopefully our short animation will convince you and encourage you to help us expand our capacity and capabilities to our mutal advantage.

Board members have considerable, and broad experiences drawn from multiple disciplines – healh, military, civil service and public sector, business, crisis and disaster management, business continuity and international aid agencies.  We understand the risks and the actions we can collectively take to improve business and communithy resilience.

We would of course be very happy to answer any questions you may have; in person or by telephone.

Funders will enjoy a range of benefits including a dedicated donor list and major sponsors will be included in our Home Page list of most trusted supporting partners.

Please use the Scheduler to make an appointment.   If you are ready to donate without further delay please use this Donate link.