Hello and welcome!   So pleased that you wish to learn more about our programme and hopefully the information here will encourage you to join us.

Here is our Volunteer Passport; this contains the information you need to better understand the volunteer pathway and how the programme achieves resilient, safe and strong communities.  We can send you a volunteer passport containing a training disc if you submit an Expression of Interest (you will get one automatically if you choose to do the online training and register as a volunteer – see below).

Alternatively, you can access the online training consisting of 3 short, but compulsory modules and your chosen role based training.

Whether you complete the training online, or use the disc, the next step is to submit a Volunteer Registration Form followed by a head & shoulders photograph; preferably against a plain background via email.

CRNS also provides training events and workshops to develop skills and prepare you for your chosen role, informing you of risks and how the wider response community prepares for and responds to these.

Alongside our professional partners we actively promote local and national resilience initiatives, we are advocates for seasonal flu vaccination, winter weather, heatwave preparations and flood mitigation.

CRNS actively encourages household resilience and have developed a Home Emergency Checklist that we make available for volunteers to promote and distribute at events and fetes.

We believe in the ethos that communities are best placed to care for their community; sometimes they just need a little help.

If you don’t think volunteering is for you, would you be prepared to donate a little to support our efforts?

Please see our animated video below.

Privacy Statement:

For details on how we use your personal information in the delivery of the Community Resilience North Somerset (CRNS) Programme, please read our full Privacy Policy.